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Stormy weather

August 25, 2011 @ 08:08 pm 🔗 Post Link

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On a new schedule in the morning to try and leave for work earlier. It seems to be working quite well. The difference in traffic in the morning leaving even 15m later can be dramatic. I was late a few times before the holiday, and heard about it, understandably of course, so… *chopchop* Today was a real clean drive in clocking in at under an hour which is remarkable for a Thursday. Thursday has notoriously been bad for 407 use and coming in late since it is the morning the garage goes out. I was the first staff in the parking lot this morning. Hmmpt.

Tickets for the Boris show in October arrived yesterday. Should be a cool guitar blast of a show. Finally a weekend show… it’s a Sunday though. Gah.

There has been some crazy unsettled weather going through the region lately. I have the Weather Network app on my phone. It was warning me of potential tornadoes in the area. TORNADOES! Yikes…! Thankfully that didn’t materialize but wow, Mother Nature put on quite a lightshow last night. Dramatic thunder and lightning for a few hours… It did make me wonder what I would do if there actually was a tornado. I guess the basement room beside the man cave seems like a good choice, solid walls on three sides.

I’ve been playing Witcher 2 (PC) a little bit this week… Jesus the game is hard. Really hard. It is enjoyably challenging however. The combat forces you to use strategy. If you go running into a group of monsters sword swinging, you die. (I died a lot before I grasped this simple concept) You have to dodge, use magic, roll away, use traps… Few encounters are a one off. Reload. Reload. Even on easy. I upgraded my video card to an ASUS GeForce GTX 550 Ti doubling the video performance from my old card. What a massive card! Oivey! The game runs much better now and shows the real beauty of W2. Very favourable initial impressions on W2.

There was sweet FA on TV last night so I tried National Geographic On Demand. I stumbled into a episode of Don’t Tell my Mother. It is a series of documentaries that follow host Diego Buñuel into less desirable locations around the world. The episode I watched he went to North Korea. It was quite interesting hearing their national propaganda and national believes. It seemed a lot of assumptions I made of North Korea were wrong. One example being religion… there are Catholic churches in North Korea! The national hatred of the U.S. seemed to be everywhere. When the host asked people about it, most hoped that the conflict would be resolved soon and that Korea would be one national again. The host was chaperoned everywhere he went and filming was restricted and pre-determined. The glimpses the camera man captured of the real North Korea behind the pretty facade was of a poor and desperate nation. A pretty cool show… I’m sure I’ll watch more.

There is a park behind the house that I normally walk the dog in. When we came back from holidays a good third of the park was fenced off and full of construction vehicles and piles of stone. I don’t know what they are doing down there…it looks like a path… but it is in a location that it can’t go anywhere but into a river… so… *shrug* Pretty curious, it looks a substantial project of some sort is underway.

It is looking like Ribfest Saturday in Guelph for bdot’s birthday. Yes!