Stormy weatherJune 10, 2011 @ 06:06 pm 🔗 Post Linkbdot, geeky, hockey, Subaru Impreza

Nothing like having no Internet access for a night to make you recognize you’re dependance and addiction to instant information. Yes, the storms that have been wreaking havoc all over southern Ontario (with much more significant damage than near me) knocked out my ‘net Wednesday into Thursday. No Internet access makes me sad.

Tuesday’s ball hockey game went as expected… we played the very strong second place team. We played up to them for about a period and a half… then our lack of subs caught up to us and they ran us into the ground in the third. I was completely bagged by the final 5m of the game. There were a few scuffles. Yes, including myself… I lost it on a mouthy little brat that kept hacking me (no penalty) so I took a roughing penalty – that I have no regret taking – other than it put our team down another man but we weren’t winning that game, so, whatever. Two games left. One we’ll probably lose badly the other we have a shot at ending the season with a win… hopefully everyone shows. I play a lot better when I’m not on every other shift. East Caledon was surprisingly not as slippery as Bolton either… which was nice.

The Bruins have taken both home games convincingly knotting the series up at two. Tim Thomas has looked amazing. As much as I want a Canadian team to win… I find it hard to cheer for a team that embellishes and dives and takes cheap penalties. It reminds me of the embarrassing Italian national soccer team. But Boston instead? Gah… I’m hoping just to see seven games then overtime… then whatever.

Ha! The Rangers have waived Drury! He is sadly a shell of his former self. I’m a little shocked at all the love and interest he still gets in Buffalo. For me there are a ton of ifs to even consider him… If the Sabres cut Connolly and if Drury would be okay playing on the third line and take <2M and he is actually healthy (who knows) then I'd consider him… But really I want the team to be moving forward. I want players who can win now. For me that mean not getting ineffectual players from the Sabres history. IMHO we still have enough non-competing riff-raft on the team, I pray the Sabres make some deep cuts this off-season. We’ll see… things should be heating up soon. There are a lot of paths the team could take and a lot of questions still exist on whether Darcy really does have the plan to bring a Cup to Buffalo. I’m skeptical.

Bdot had a little run in with a parking garage wall and the side mirror on the Subaru. frown I’ve been threatened with grievous harm if I post photos.

My sister got permanent status at work, congrats to her.