Steamy Stinky FeetFebruary 13, 2011 @ 11:02 pm 🔗 Post Linkbdot, Buffalo Sabres, Le Scandinave, The King’s Speech

Another week wizzed by. It was a pretty quiet week at work. Saturday we set aside some time ago to visit the spa in Collingwood, as a little Valentine’s treat. My sister and JP were nice enough to take Princess Tanga for the day. (Thanks again.) The drive to Collingwood was pretty nasty. Wind sweeps across the big open fields blowing snow everywhere causing white outs. One of the main roads near Stayner was even closed. When we arrived at the Scandinave it was quite busy. It was an enjoyable and very relaxing afternoon. There are relaxation rooms that have uncomfortable wooden ‘Muskoka’ chairs. They want the rooms to be quiet but the constant in and out of wooden chairs makes that impossible. They creak and squeak and make all sorts of non-tranquil sounds. Barb nicknamed the room the ‘stinky foot’ room. It sure was. At the end of the soaking, steam and fires we each had a massage. The RMT you get is pretty random. I prefer a female RMT but always seem to get men. eyeoll- This weekend was no exception, he was good, I liked most of his treatment except for the neck. I thought it was a little jarring. We had a dinner reservation at Oliver & Bonacini at Blue Mountain. I’ve never been and B. was interested in eating there since she’d heard some news about the chefs. The restaurant itself was long and open. I’m not sure what style they were going for, the best I could think to call it would be modern urban artsy. I’m not sure that is even suitable. It was nice but I felt there were a lot of competing styles going on. Anyway, the food. The menu had a good variety of choices. I settled on a Grilled 10 oz Certified Angus Striploin and B. got Oven Baked Ricotta & Roasted Garlic Gnocchi. Dinner was delicious as was the Classic Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée (which sadly didn’t come in a 2L size) we had for dessert. Still… dinner was expensive. Very expensive… we thought afterward for the money, getting take-out Indian from Tara in Barrie would have been just as enjoyable and we’d have more money in our pocket. *shrug* I guess the occasional indulgence is nice. By the time we got home late Saturday we were both zonked.

Sunday we tooled around the house most of the day. B. made both a yummy turkey vegetable soup and a roast chicken for dinner. Yum! I was treated to valentine brownies as well. I spend a chunk of the day conquering Mt.Laundry. In the evening we watched The King’s Speech. The true story of King George the VI’s efforts to overcome a stammer. It was a well acted, funny and touching look at the evolution of a man into a King. I liked it a lot. I felt it was a touching and thoughtful look at an under appreciated affliction. ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Dunno about those Sabres win a few lose a few. Another head scratching loss to the Isles today who are starting goalies off the streets of long island… who are still outplaying Vezina winner Ryan Miller. Phew…apparently Miller lost it on a reporter today. The Sabres need to find a backup they are willing to start so Ryan doesn’t have to start 30 games in a row. Ridiculous.