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August 29, 2004 @ 04:08 pm 🔗 Post Link

Canada, friends, nIVEK

Where's the food?

Where's the food?

Well the Olympics are nearing an end… Canada’s medal’s. Ho-Hum… they all worked hard… but most days, were edged out or slightly off. Regardless, a big round of applause for ALL the athletes that represented Canada so well.

It was nIVEK’s stag tonight… It was held at Vinnie’s in Toronto. Overall it was decent… We were a little disappointed with the amount of food we got… for around 17$ a head (and there was 25-30 guys) they brought out 3 rounds of assorted finger foods and some pub grub. Ho-hum… many people were still hungry afterwards…So if food is a priority then be prepared to shell out extra I guess? Regardless… it is a decent place, full of games, pool tables, bowling, bubble hockey, video games etc. etc. For the stag we had a pool tournament and golf putting tournament. I won the golf putting (who knew!?) and made it to the finals in the pool tournament (largely due to my partner… my game was way off….) It was a fun evening, nIVEK was mostly still standing when I left him. The crowd was pretty tame on him. There is an impressive police presence downtown too… I don’t envy the cops on *that* patrol.

Updated: Medal link no longer works and Vinnies is no longer um, Vinnies.

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