Shopping, Stag and dog day Sunday

May 1, 2006 @ 10:05 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

Friends, Tanga, KK and Sandra

Start the car!

Start the car!

รœber blur weekend. Saturday we went to IKEA to get a bunch of office organizational stuff. B. got a desk. I assembled the desk when we got home. *Extra parts?* Heh. The evening we met up nIVEK and his wife to attend a friendโ€™s stag and doe. Congratulations to nIVEK and his wife! (they are expecting) Unfortunately the stag was held close to Collingwoodโ€ฆwhich means a long drive up and even longer drive home. The stag was ok. B. and I were both very tired. We could have stayed home. But gotta represent soโ€ฆ The stag had a DJ. Usually at these type of events I know most of the music. Well, not today. The main course was Country. Yes sir! DJ Lenny served up helping after helping of Countryโ€ฆ I found it surprising that most of the 20 somethings were into it. Who knew? Anyway congrats to Derek and Keri on their engagement.

A total dog day, today started early (anything before 9 on the weekends I consider early) with some dog training. We met up with some other Vizslas in Guelph. The dogs did the usual finding of birds and running around. After the training we went to a VSO meeting. Afterwards we (and all the people from the meeting) took a big bunch of dogs for a walk in Guelph. It was pretty fun with a hoard of dogs. Once we finally got home I assembled more IKEA stuff and watched the sucky TSN coverage of the Sabresโ€™ game on tape. A big win! HUZZAH! (in case you are wondering, because I know you areโ€ฆ No, I have not worn any orange, and will not until this series is over) Stars are out in the playoffs and in the sky. Iโ€™m pretty exhausted. Thanks to B. for doing my taxesโ€ฆ since I was in school last year Iโ€™m getting a pretty generous return! ๐Ÿ™‚

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