Bidding, blowout, bowl of soup and Brrrr…

February 12, 2006 @ 08:02 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Soup is good food

Soup is good food

Started the day feverishly trying to repair my sister’s computer. Once again she had it infected with viruses. I installed a virus checker, hopefully she will stay clean for a while. *cough* Went out to dinner with B. tonight. We went to a Thai place we have gone to before. It was good, had Chicken Curry, Pad Thai and a yummy vegetable soup.

Watched some TV, played some NWN…Canada got it’s first medal today, and the Canadian Women’s hockey team beat Italy 16-0. It really is a sad format… If the teams are tied in the final, the deciding factor is goals for… So teams really have to ‘run up scores’ to assure themselves home ice in the finals. But it gets a little sick after a while…The Italians are only in because Italy is hosting the games, otherwise Italy would never play Canada. *shrug*

My insurance company decided to fix my car. In some ways I was hoping for a write off so I could put the money towards a new car. I do like my Tercel though so…. no worries. Hopefully they will fix my driver side mirror as well. *smirk* Certainly is an interesting process… And it is a process… I felt like I was going through the stages of ‘you had an accident’… Meh.

I’m bidding on a Team Canada Jersey autographed by the best Sabre of all time, #11 Gilbert Perreault. Hopefully I’ll get it. Two days until bidding ends. 😀