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October 15, 2003 @ 08:10 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Cats and cars. Argh.

Cats and cars. Argh.

Well… today felt like a Tuesday after a long weekend should. I was tired, grumpy and would have preferred to be at home in bed. (Maybe even at home in bed with B.) Anyways, my cousins’ wedding in coming fast now… it is this Saturday. I hope it goes well. Although there are rumblings that it may not…Time will tell.

The weekend was enjoyable… maybe too rushed though. It would have been nicer over more time. It takes us a long time to get to Killaloe… usually not less than 5-6 hours. (Especially with my preferring the less traveled roads…) B. decided to bring Zoie up. (yes she named the cat Zoie) Which was (from my previous experiences) a BAD idea. Cats don’t like cars. True to form meowing for hours on end. Zoie eventually stopped and fell asleep after an hour only to start and stop sporadically during the trip up. (the trip back she was much better…) All in all though… Zoie is much better in a car than Remi is. Remi is a car terror. Zoie seems much more adaptable… I was surprised. Meow. Meow.

Saturday we met some of B.’s school friends and walked around Wilno. An interesting bunch… didn’t spend that much time there however. Also had a short trip to Sierra Designs to get some winter gear. I’m ready. Let it snow!

Sunday we spend wandering around Wilno again. Just B. and I. We looked at a bunch of art and tried to convince each other we needed a lovely $450 framed print… 🙂 Most of the afternoon was spent walking along the railway trail. It was lovely with the fall colours around us. B. took a lot of shots of the area… you shall see some of these pics soon. Some turned out great! The evening started with a brief stop by her Aunt’s cottage to say hello to some of her family (before returning to her parents for dinner). Her aunt and her husband are a lot of fun. They are good-natured people. Within 10 minutes I had a Rum and Diet Pepsi* and a Beer in front of me and was sharing jokes with one of his neighbours. It was a shame to leave for a much more reserved dinner.

The dinners were great. The trip home was long. We broke it up with a few stops. It wasn’t as dreadful as it could have been… just long and tiring never the less. B. bid me “oooOOOOOOOoooooo”…and good night.

* Never ask someone if they want a Rum and Coke and bring them a Rum and Diet Pepsi. That is a mortal sin worthy of flogging.

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