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January 24, 2003 @ 05:01 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Don't really care about them now (2024)

Don't really care about them now (2024)

Well… In order to investigate job options further – since my searches suck total ass – I met with a career counselor today. She was nice and tried to help… but didn’t really tell me anything I already didn’t know. She did reinforce the possibility that I’ll have to move in order to find a job in the Web Development, New Media or an Internet field. BAH.

She referred me to another agency… We shall see. It seems I’m simply in the wrong field for this area… I guess I just have to determine how far i’m willing to commute.

Friday Five! body! body?

1. What is one thing you don’t like about your body?
Being nearsighted and having to wear glasses.

2. What are two things you love about your body?
Strong constitution and being a decent height.

3. What are three things you want to change about your home?
Finish painting, re-do kitchen and finish basement.

4. What are four books you want to read this year?
Sadly I couldn’t name four… I’m an awful reader.

5. What are five promises you have kept to yourself?
Hmmm… let me think about this one…

do the housework!

Fun fun fun. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming.

I’m also going to try and get a receipt reprinted for my monitor. You see… when I took it to Toronto on the weekend, when I plugged it in to use… blue flames shot out the top of it and clearly something was burning. What a mess. Anyways… hopefully they can re-issue a receipt.

I was finally able to see Jason’s son Avery yesterday evening. Adorable. I usually find new borns to be quite unappealing… but Av is a good looking baby. I wonder who the father really is… (hehe)

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