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March 3, 2004 @ 05:03 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Lord of the Rings : Return of the King

Lord of the Rings : Return of the King

It isn’t that often that the boyZ get together for a night of Gaming… but when we do, it is hours of multiplayer interactive fun. It occurred to me while I was playing last night… Do women rent games and play them together? All the multiplayer games are IMHO clearly marketed to men. Guns, cars, swords, more guns, sports, cars with guns, cars with guns during a sport.

We rented: Gladius which sucked. We wanted a simple multiplayer game… after screen and screen of dialogue we had no options for other players to join it. Sigh. Maybe I missed the point?

Conflict: Desert Storm II—Back to Baghdad which was a fun multiplayer shooter. It could use a little work though. We ran into a glitch or two… and a better mapping, orientation system would be better to keep the game flowing.

Hunter: The Reckoning® Redeemer – well… another miss. We wandered around for 10 minutes trying to get off the first level… Glyph? on the ground? Exit here? Huh? then in the graveyard we had to blow up a gate. Of course the blast radius is 50km wide so we were all killed in the blast. That killed our interest in the game as well. Gay. Shame the graphics were pretty cool. *Playability people!*

I think the other boyZ enjoyed Roadkill more than I did… It was fun, but I found the weapons pretty boring and the maps very uninspiring. But it was still fun to smash and bash.

Also played some NHL2002 and Heroes which I own. A good night of gaming… we certainly don’t do it enough.

Update: Gladius, Conflict: Desert Storm II—Back to Baghdad, Hunter: The Reckoning® Redeemer, Roadkill links now 404. Dead links removed.

the King of the Academy

😀 I was happy to see Lord of the Rings : Return of the King clean up at the Academy Awards last night for several reasons.

First off… the first two films, while they did win some awards, didn’t get best picture. I felt the series deserved to hit Best picture at least once.. perhaps this was for all three? The fantasy genre, the F-word as Jackson said during a speech, has received no love from the Academy… Admittedly there are some awful fantasy films, but it was great to see LOTR won in spite of its F-word genre. The films are amazing and deserved to be recognized for the accomplishment in film making that they made. All Hail the King!

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