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near Six Mile Lake

June 28, 2004 @ 09:06 pm 🔗 Post Link

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near Six Mile Lake

near Six Mile Lake

B. and I spent the weekend at her sister’s cottage. It’s about 1 hour north of Barrie near Six Mile Lake. A wonderful area, very rocky and unspoiled. It is remarkable how many little lakes and bays and water cul-de-sacs there are. The boating, kayaking range is virtually limitless… We took two boat rides and explored a little of the area. Some of ‘cottages’ in that area are very impressive… looking more like mansions than mere cottages… There is unquestionably some serious coin in real estate up there… To eat, we enjoyed Bill’s slow cooked Pulled Pork… YUM! It is a relaxing, quiet area for sure (except for psycho-spud-the dog) .

In spite of that… I find myself getting a little bored and agitated after a few hours of sitting around… I really need to learn how to relax. I miss my Internet. -smirk- B. did a little fishing off of the dock… and caught no less than 3 fish in about an hour. They were fairly small, but fun for catch and release fishing. She is a fisherwoman. Who knew? On the way home we stopped at Swift Canoe to see if they could do some work they promised when B. originally bought her kayak… unfortunately the supplies weren’t in so… we’ll have to bring it back some other time. One of the Swift staff member’s wives teaches Kayak usage and safety… so B. and I may take a day to sponge some of her knowledge… He seemed like a decent guy, we figured his wife would be equally decent as well. An enjoyable weekend… I think I got a little too much sun though, but otherwise a great area to explore, which is surprisingly close to the GTA.

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