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December 22, 2008 @ 10:12 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

friends, Bacon, Kev and Suz, Silbovitz



Saturday night we went to Kevin and Suzanneโ€™s place in Guelph for a Christmas Party. It was fun. The bacon wrapped water chestnut made an appearance AND GOT INTO MY BELLY! Mmm. It was a little different crowd this year. There were a bunch of their older neighbours. I talked to one older Croatian women who told me about coming to Canada and touring Europe. Eventually she brought out some homemade hard liquor made from plums. What is this called I asked her. Silbovitz she replied! Ahh! Slivovitz! Iโ€™m very familiar with that thanks to KK. It is smooth and nasty. She was excited to see someone actually heard of it before. She was charming. I was really paying a lot of attention to how much Rum I was drinking. The glasses were usually pretty generous and there were several of them. I guess I ended up drinking around half a bottle of rum. That certainly explains why I felt so horrible most of Sunday.

Sunday was pretty low key. Did some house work and a little gaming. Shoveled the driveway for what seems like the thousandth time. Our rental dogs are gone as well, back to just Tanga. Looking forward to some time off later in the week.