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February 16, 2005 @ 07:02 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link


Back and forth

Back and forth

Yesterday was a loooong dayโ€ฆ. It started with a crazy Flash exam then a Director Research project (code and essay)โ€ฆ Phew.

Okโ€ฆ on to business. Iโ€™m surprised to see the NHL players starting to cave in. Hearing their rhetoric from the beginning of the season it was my impression they would NEVER accept the cap. Well, several months of missed hockey later they did. Changed some terms of course but they accepted the concept of the cap. Now, WTF didnโ€™t they do this months ago and just negotiation the cap figure instead of accepting the concept now, the day before Bettman (also know as Major Asshat) cancels the season. Both sides should be embarrassed with themselves and what they have made the hockey fan endure during this. Talk about losing face and respect. In spite of that I hope the league resolves this soon so whatever silly reduced season can still be played. It is a shame to enjoy a sport this much that youโ€™ll crawl back to it after such abuse.

Yah! I do get reading week next week. Finally some time to catch up on things. Too bad Iโ€™m so poor.

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