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September 17, 2006 @ 10:09 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Best, Blah and OK

Best, Blah and OK

Another busy Saturday. We started by waiting for a contractor to show to give us a quote for redoing the front walkway. The contractor didnโ€™t show. No call, nothing. No sale. I find it surprising that contractors can be so flippant with potential clients. Next we had the dog in for her yearly shot. Fortunately it was uneventful except for the Vet going on about how susceptible pure bred dogs are to illness. Great, thanks Doc. Next stop was the Chinguacousy Wellness Centre where B. registered for a swimming course. It seems like a modern and well maintained facility, the pool, ironically was a little small. Next stop was Perma Paving. We heard from B.โ€™s brother (who works there) that there was a sale or a lot of interlocking brick so we took a look. There is a lot of variety and we found two styles of brick we liked. Unfortunately they were sold out and only had one size of any of styles left that we liked. But it is a good starting point. Next stop was to pick up dinner. We got chinese take out from China Garden Restaurant the home of โ€˜Hakaโ€™ Chinese food, a Manchurian expression of Chinese cookery resembles Indian food through similar spicy flavours. We didnโ€™t order anything Haka, maybe next time. The food was good, fairly spicy and the portions are fairly generous. And we are still not done.

Next stop was Costco. We picked up some food and a nice hanging lamp for the hallway. Costco is such a zoo on a Saturdayโ€ฆ it never ceases to amaze us how oblivious some of the people are that are walking around there. Like hello! Wake UP! *shakes head* Iโ€™m always happy to get out of that parking lot. Done? Nope. The main agenda was to get paint to redo the living room. So there was another stop to get the paint. Finally we got home ate, took the dog for run (after picking up a friendโ€™s dog) and decided to grab a film from Blockbuster. We decided on United 93 and Paperclips. My sister was in the area so she dropped by and we decided to watch United 93. It is a powerful and moving film. I was shocked at all the bureaucracy and miscommunication that went on. Sure it was an attack. But not one fighter plane available to defend Washington D.C.?! What is the trillion dollars in military spending in the U.S. paying for? The story was about the people on the flight and what is speculated to have happened during the flight. A sick, sad โ€˜if onlyโ€™ feeling is what I was left with. Highly recommended for anyone who has any interest in 911. And wowโ€ฆ that was it. โญโญโญโญ

Somewhere in all that I managed to check out the Sabres new uniforms. The above photos are from users at So. There it is the new logo. The new uniforms. I still hate the logo. I think it looks like a slug. -shrug- Iโ€™m ok with the uniforms however. I think the new blue uniform is sharp. The white doesnโ€™t excite me as muchโ€ฆ it is better than some of the early mocks ups I saw floating around the interweb with copious amounts of sickly orange/yellow on the shouldersโ€ฆ but it still doesnโ€™t grab me that much. The best mock-ups Iโ€™ve seen include the new blue uniform with the old Sabres logo or a *slightly* modernized version of the original logo. Oh well. It is a done deal. Go Buffalo slugs!