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Service without a smile

June 9, 2010 @ 09:06 pm 🔗 Post Link

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After a run with the dog and cutting the lawn I was pretty bagged so I stayed in Friday. Hopefully METAL will return to Bolton in the future. It must not have been that loud… I didn’t hear it at all. I’m a few blocks away though. *SHRUG*

Saturday we drove up to Barrie. B. did some shoe shopping. I was still really tired. I didn’t perk up until I had a coffee. We ventured further north after we were shopped out to my Sister’s for dinner. My BiL cooked up a storm! Delicious pork tenderloin, tatters, roasted peppers… Yum. Thanks again for a delicious meal. JP and I tried a few beers from The Flying Monkeys a local brewery. It is a good beer, be sure to look under the caps for a smile. After dinner we watched the Tom Cruise movie Valkyrie. As a history buff I really enjoyed the movie… it is incredible how close they came and how much risk and planning was involved in an attempt on Hitler. A remarkable string of events kept him alive, at least for a few months…⭐⭐⭐½

We had Monday off together but B.’s back was ‘out’ so we were limited in what we could do. After looking at some options for our front garden we stopped for lunch at a local restaurant. I think this will be our last visit to Allegro. It was a nice afternoon so we sat outside. We waited 10m to be served, another 5m to get menus, another 15m to get our order taken, we just ordered pizzas, and they took 40m at least before we got them. It was ridiculous. The waiter (the owner) never checked our table after we got our food and I had to go inside to find him to ask for our bill. What was he doing? Waiting tables? No. With customers? No. Sitting there eating! He looked indignant that I disturbed him. Well I won’t again. Gawd. HORRIBLE customer service. The rest of the afternoon was housework and relaxation.

My sister’s dog somehow managed to rip his leg open pretty badly last night. Hopefully he is okay, the dog already has a frequent flyer card for the local vet. Gah. I guess it was bared wire or something… hopefully it can be found so it doesn’t happen again. Apparently it was a scary injury.

I think we are close to picking out a new bay window. 🙂

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