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Rockwood is alright!

May 19, 2003 @ 08:05 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Well… not home yet, but we have left Rockwood. It was great! There was a lot of outdoors-y stuff to do at Rockwood. We took advantage of some of the great trails but didn’t get to canoeing or kayaking… we wanted to but, the rental times were pretty whacked. So it didn’t happen. Next time for sure… the waterways in the area look prime for investigation. One day…

There is a nice area with some ruins of an older building that had been gutted by fire. A great area for photographers… We took a bunch, soon to be added to the digital cam page.

We learned a lot about sugar consumption as we consumed way too many s’mores each… we laughed uncontrollably for a few minutes… What were the neighbours thinking I wonder. Heh.

Also B. admitted she is part of the Satan’s Bitches Biker Gang. Eeeeeek! :p

Overall a great time… and no problems or quarrels where we both expected some….

and we’re off…

yes…we were suppose to be camping…but neither of us was interested in setting up camp in a downpour… so, we are off in a few minutes. A little tired and I don’t know why. Anyways, the outdoors awaits.

and it’s my United States of Whatever!

Heh, that Liam Lynch video for United States of Whatever always puts a smile on my face. Uber cheese grande, but very funn…er… WHATEVER! :p And to my delight the video was followed by The White Strips “Seven Nation Army” which is being killed by OVER PAY. Sigh. Why, oh why do radio stations, MTV and Much over pay new material into the ground. Are they too lazy to find more material to play? Bah. Oh well.

Ha. Me and the Bdot are suppose to be camping tonight. <looks out the window and sighs deeply at the downpour> … hmm. ugh. bah. sniff. ack. Looks up to the heaven for a reprieve. Naturally gets no response and returns to doing work. Hmmpt.

Updated: link is dead. 😦

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