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Yonge Street at Night – January 2010

I got B. a ring for Christmas. (Not to be confused with the ring…) Sadly I couldn’t surprise her with a ring and bring her hand in for proper sizing. I had thought about removing her hand while she was asleep, but I’m pretty sure she would have noticed. 😛 So the ring didn’t fit. Yesterday we ventured to Yonge Street in downtown Toronto to remedy the situation. Suffice to say after trying on many rings and looking at options she will certainly be getting an upgrade on her favourite >$20 silver Celtic ring. The jeweler at The Claddagh House was really nice and very patient. There was one ring in particular that B. wanted to see. Sadly there weren’t any in stock. The Jeweler said he will make a few so she can see them. There are three rings in the running. They are all stunning IMHO… One of the options we are toying with is recycling a diamond from one of B.’s older rings that she doesn’t wear. Really the price of rings vault up only after you add gems, especially diamonds. Gold itself really isn’t that pricey in (compared to a ring with diamonds in it…) So the ring journey will continue. Only one of the final three contenders is online : Trilogy Knot Bezel. To be continued…

After ring shopping, we grabbed a coffee at the smallest Starbucks ever then ventured into Eaton’s Centre. Good Lord… People everywhere. I must be growing accustomed to living in Bolton. The masses of people at the Eaton Centre made shopping rather claustrophobic and congested. The Apple store was crazy. One of the clerks said the number of people in the store was nothing. Phew. We browsed a few other stores and by this time we were getting pretty hungry. Naturally I wanted Thai. The iPhone found the Ivory Thailand so off we went. It was quite good and we took advantage of their ‘happy hour’ special and enjoyed very yummy jumbo shrimp (isn’t that an oxymoron?!!). It was a nice dinner out. The atmosphere and ambiance was quite relaxing, and the company was also good. *wink* The only downside to going downtown (outside of the throngs of humanity) was being raped for parking twice and seeing rats running around by the car. Yes! Good times. Hi Rats!

In the evening we flaked out on the couch and watched two more Mad Men. I stayed up a little later and ran my first Random Raid in WoW. It was actually quite fun and quick to do. For some reason I associate Raids as always being painfully long and uncoordinated, but there are shorter raids. Raiding is the path to better gear… so raiding I will go! 😀