Getting a good ribbing

March 5, 2006 @ 10:03 pm 🔗 Post Link

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mmm Ribs

mmm Ribs

Got a call in the morning from the owners of one of Tanga’s littermates (Cairo). A couple (Suzanne and Kevin) slightly younger than us who we’ve gone out with before. They were interested in getting together to run the evil dogs. They met us here and we drove to a park in Terra Cotta again. We had a nice walk. It was bright and blue outside, not very cold. After the walk we decided to go out to dinner. We settled on Montana’s. Upon arriving there the wait was 30 minutes. Blah. We checked a couple other near by restaurants… the wait was the same. So we waited – what seemed like an eternity. Waits always seem longer when you are hungry and standing uncomfortably in a lobby. I’d like to say the dinner was worth the wait, but the ribs (which they claim they built their business on) were only okay. It was fun nevertheless. It was nice to get out for a night with some new company. After dinner we came home for tea and watched the dogs wrestle for two hours non-stop. It really is amazing how they can be so aggressive and bite and flail and no one gets hurt. Good time, I sure we’ll go out with Suzanne and Kevin again.

B. had a 5k race to run in the morning so she went to bed early. (She finished the race fine! congrats hon!) I did a little grocery run for her hoping to find some ripe bananas and gatorade for her, for her race in the morning. Nothing but green bananas available. I guess that is what people want? I stay up and watched a curious movie called Overnight. A bartender from Boston (Troy Duffy) writes a movie script that gets Hollywood’s attention. He gets a bunch of money and his attitude and personality slowly kill this ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’… I thought it was an interesting film about human self destruction, ego and attitude. Troy Duffy was quite a character who’s head and attitude were even too big for Hollywood to handle. Seriously…how many people in your life do you think you say ‘F*ck you’ to before no one returns your calls?? What a dumbass. ⭐⭐⭐½