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April 9, 2007 @ 09:04 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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The only thing Sundin will raise this season.

The only thing Sundin will raise this season

It was a busy weekend. Saturday started with a home renovation consultation. We had someone in to help make some decisions on furniture and home decorating. Hopefully the consultant will be able to find us some furniture and appliances to fit into our decorating scheme. My parents came up for the afternoon to watch hockey and enjoy some take-out Chinese. We wanted to try something a little different so we tried a Chinese restaurant that does all day Dim Sum. We wanted it delivered since the restaurant was on the other side of Bramptonโ€ฆ the clerk said it was a 2 hour wait for delivery! Right. *click* So we ended up getting it from our local Chinese restaurant. It was still good. We were just hoping to try the Dim Sum; which I think we still will another time.

The Sabresโ€™ game was pretty boring. Clearly they were playing to avoid injury and make it healthy coming into the post season. By contrast the Leafs/Habs battle for 8th was a crazy gameโ€ฆ awful goaltending; questionable refโ€™ing; back and forth leadsโ€ฆ not that it mattered as the Islanders won on Sunday to take the final Eastern playoff spot. (Only to met the Sabresโ€ฆ Moohahaโ€ฆ.) I enjoyed seeing my parents. It has been awhile since they were on holidays for the past month down South. They both seemed to be in good spirits and enjoyed the evening. My mother made *another* killer ice cream cake. She says she just whipped it togetherโ€ฆ but I can never tell. I always think they are amazing.

Sunday we spent the majority of the day dealing with Vizsla club matters. We met up with another couple from the club and did some work on the club newspaper. We broke up the work with a muddy hike with the dogs. It was good to get some fresh air and stretch the legs.

Sabres and Islander meet in the first round. All predictions I have read are saying Sabres in 5. I agree. I think the games may be close but the Sabres have been waiting a long time to return to playoff play and should come on really strong. GO SABRES!

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