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iframe refresh hell

April 24, 2003 @ 10:04 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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mmm milkshake

mmm milkshake

with regards to the new wallboard.. Iโ€™m trying to refresh the iframe window after submission and it is giving big bad sweaty stinky ballsโ€ฆ suggestions are welcome. Solutions however are prefered. ๐Ÿ™‚ It either creates a new window, errors saying it canโ€™t resend data, or does nothing.

Update: wallboard has been gone for years. (Dec. 2013)

First Digital Camera Adventure posted

yes kids! the first (of many) digital camera adventures has been posted. This page will be updated as shit happens in my lovely little world. Enjoy.

Update: The dcam section of unsung is gone. Check out the Photos page instead. (Dec. 2013) Update: No longer any type of dedicated photo page. (2024)

how *yum* is that?

Hershey Cookies โ€˜nโ€™ Creme Milkshake. Shake me now

shout it

I think Iโ€™ve given up trying to find a shoutbox I can use. Most are old school PHP and donโ€™t pass the variables correctly so they donโ€™t work. So naturally I just have to make my ownโ€ฆ *snort*

Wowโ€ฆ exciting game 7s! Wellโ€ฆ not the Leafs, who showed their true colours. Rahh Canucks! Another shocker with the Wild winning. (wahhh Ding)

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