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April 19, 2024 @ 11:04 am ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

Mystic, Vizsla, NHL Playoffs, Buffalo Sabres, Tr*mp

Wash off?

Wash off?

Vizslas can certainly be nuts. A few days with a walk usually means Mystic going ballistic off leash in the trails. That was certainly the case yesterday at Palgrave. You would just see her orange coat whip about along the ridgeline (until it was damaged - grr!)... Her speed and energy never ceases to amaze. Neither does some of her dumb dog decisions... At the end of the run, as we were leaving (sigh!) she found a old porcupine husk and decided to roll in it. Apparently, the quills in a dead porcupine still attach. Most came off fairly easily but... two or three required more effort to remove. Dumbass. She was also caked in dirt and mud and refused to swim. Ugh.

Looks like it is the Leafs and Bruins in round one. I see most pundits picking the Bruins in 6 or 7. Sure. Go Bruins! Sabres had locker clean out... They sure can talk the talk once eliminated... Oh we need to compete and hold ourselves accountable and we got Donnie fired and blah blah blah...Win games. Don't talk about winning games. Reset #14... *eyeroll* I can't believe the interest in bringing back Ruff as coach... C'mon guys, progress? Retred?

Frump's trial is starting in New York. Not surprisingly they are having trouble finding 12 people who don't think he should be air locked...

The big foreign aid bill past congress today. So money for Ukraine and Israel. Not sure why Israel needs money to continue their genocide but it was an all or nothing bill. Nice to see Moscow Marge is a huff. So you know it was a good bill.

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