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Professor’s Lake

August 2, 2004 @ 10:08 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth - Futurama

Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth - Futurama

In crazy sick hot hot hot – B. and wandered around Professor’s Lake in the heart of Brampton. It is kinda surreal seeing a ‘lake’ in the middle of the city. It seems like a good money maker… to put anything in the water (canoe, kayak etc.) will cost you $5 for one use. I found this a little high considering the lake is very small and doesn’t go anywhere…Still… it was pretty neat, just a typical money grab tho. Shame.

Unconscious Mutterings : Week 78
Testicles:: hehe!
Ribald:: ??
Auction:: sold!
Inch:: worm
Tony:: Here is a song about a superhero named Tony! It’s called Tony’s Theme! (Pixies)
Phony:: Baloney
Stool:: pigeon
Coyote:: Wile E. (Super genius)
Cinderella:: Shake Me!!
Battery:: Energizer

Update: Lake link goes to a blank page? (Nov. 2013)

Bikes and rain

B. and I decided to go to Ennismore to visit my parents on Buckhorn Lake on Saturday. It rained like hell for 5 minutes then it was sunny. The weather in Ontario is ridiculous. Saturday night we had a nice fire and a few bevies.

Today started early…we watched my brother in law in a 100km cycling road race in lovely Warkworth, Ontario. He finished an impressive 11th for his category. B. and I help with his feeding. (Passing him water bottles as he passes…) It is pretty neat to help athletes in a small way. I guess it isn’t that small. I overheard some cyclists after the race complaining about no one handling out water (for cyclists who didn’t have anyone there – apparently called neutral feeding) and even some were complaining that their ‘pass off’ people couldn’t pass a golf ball through a open garage door. It was pretty interesting to watch in spite of the deadly hot outside. Bleck. We took a leisurely drive home along the 2 which runs parallel to the 401 and along Lake Ontario. We watched the Bourne Identity tonight because we wanted to see the new movie Bourne Supremacy… I wanted to see the first movie before the second. I enjoyed Identity. I’m tired, so…Zzz… G’night.

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