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March 26, 2003 @ 07:03 pm 🔗 Post Link

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well… the process of moving the site has begun! I’ll have to make a lot of changes before unsung will be live on the new server. (mainly changing .html files to .php I had .html files parse through the php parser…) *adjusts his glasses and snorts…* anyways… i need to sleep.


I’ve been having major problems with my linux server just -poof- freezing. So… Not sure what I’m going to do. It means unsung will be sporadically offline. 😦

new gfx

just playing around with some colours and fonts… created a new top graphic for unsung.

on the war…

ok… so I’ve been watching CNN and listening to Bush and Chirack (sic. the President of France) and to UN speakers. Clearly the war is a complex issue. Initially I was very opposed to Bush and the invasion…but clearly *something had to be done*… Saddam is a cracker. The U.N. would like to wait longer and talk. Well, that has been the policy towards Iraq for 12 years! So the world (U.N.) waits another 12 years for Saddam before they do anything?

Admittedly, I also think that Iraq posed no immediate threat to anyone. The Coalition forces had Iraq surrounded… So Why not take another month for diplomacy? But how many times do you *add another month of diplomacy*? Saddam is NOT listening.

I don’t fully agree with either side. What I do hope… is that is ends quickly with the fewest number of lives lost. The Iraqis have suffered for a long time – I hope when this is all said and done that they can build a free nation. Hopefully it can be a source of optimism in the Middle East, and a *starting point* for the Middle East to end all the conflict that has raged on there for so long…

Phew…. certainly an issue that makes you think though.

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