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January 30, 2003 @ 04:01 pm 🔗 Post Link

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it appears that qmail is functional! Yeah! ‘and there was much rejoicing’.
Almost done painting the upstairs… A few decent positions are available at Brock so… it gives me a ray of hope. They are both temporary but… Better than Ezra.

paint it black

When we first moved into our Condo (oh a few years ago anyway) naturally we re-painted the living room and hallways. Well, when it dried it was clear it would require a second coat…. then reality hit and time to paint didn’t happen… UNTIL NOW.

I finally repainted the foyer and I’m working on the upstairs… yellow anyone? What was odd about it is: we never took the edge tape off because we kept saying we’d paint next weekend… so for two years every time someone new came over it was ‘so.. you’re painting….’ Yes. Sorta.

Spent some time hanging with my buddy last night… which I do too rarely. Go figure, his Windows 98 died when he installed M$ Office. BLECK…. So I upgraded him to W2K and now all is good. My cat says mmmmeow. I wish she would find another place to sit other than in front of the monitor. Bad kitty!

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