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Converting to the Pound

June 1, 2007 @ 08:06 pm 🔗 Post Link

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The days are winding down to my first time outside of North America. From what I’ve read about Ireland it sounds like a wonderful destination, rich with culture, history and Guinness. Being a picky eater I’m mildly concerned about finding food I’ll enjoy but I’m sure there won’t be any major issues. It is just the unfamiliar and unexpected, which is both intriguing and slightly intimidating. Being a big geek naturally I want to bring as many of my electronic toys as I can. Camera (just got a 4G card for it… do you think i’ll take more than 4000 photos?), camera charger (well duh), PSP (loaded with 11 episodes of Death Note — I heard it rains a lot in Ireland…) and maybe my laptop…all these things will require a North American/European power converter, which I have been unable to find. It just occurred to me to look at CAA… Hmm. Anyway we leave at 11:30PM on Monday and return midday on the 14th. I think the 14th… working off a tired memory ATM. It is great to be going there and have a place to stay. We will be staying with her Aunt. She is a sweet woman. She has visited Canada many times and is happy to host us.

Huh…. the Ducks are owning the Sens so far. (Much like they owned the Sabres) The score is misleading. This is the first series the Sens have been seriously outplayed in their end for long stretches of time. And what happened to the Spezza line? Hello? -crickets- I’m not saying the series is done. It is done *only* after one team wins four games… but the lead is impressive… Even a split in Ottawa and the Cup will be sitting at home for the Ducks to win. Quack! Quack! I wonder if the Sabres would have faired any better against the Ducks. I certainly don’t imagine they would have. Especially with the half ass post-season play the Sabres demonstrated during their three playoff rounds.

I’m still waiting for the post season wheeling and dealing of Sabres to begin. Who will be back? Drury? Briere? Vanek? All? One? None? Hopefully Sabres’ management has learned something from the last playoff run. The Sabres were a great team but… gah… special teams just killed them. Getting a few guys that like to SMASH! wouldn’t hurt either. The wait. The wait. The wait.

Finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel for our project at work. We can’t wait to be done with it. In preparing for our next project some people got moved around the office. I remained where I’m which is fine… I like my window seat. It looks like we will be moving on to our first Nintendo DS and Sony PSP title… I can’t wait. Finally a real gaming platform.

That’s it i’m zonked. Night…

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