A day of photosDecember 31, 2007 @ 07:12 pm 🔗 Post Linkfriends, Knocked Up, Photography Beautiful Tiffany Falls in Hamilton, Ontario

Beautiful Tiffany Falls in Hamilton, Ontario

Out of the blue a co-worker called me up and asked me if I wanted to join him (and several of his ‘photography friends’) on a little trip down to Niagara to take some photographs. I enjoy photography and the opportunity to join (and hopefully learn) from more experienced photographers was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. It was a long cold day however. We made three stops to shoot in Niagara. The first stop was around the corner from Brock University at Decew Falls. (link now 404 😕 - Jan/24) Funny… at the time I’ve lived in Niagara and I didn’t know that massive falls was there. Paul (one of my co-workers friends) and I decided to be more adventurous (read: crazy) to get closer to the falls for some better shots. Unfortunately there wasn’t an easy way down to the falls. No staircases. There was a rope but it seems to end half way down the cliff leaving you in a awkward location. We followed the trail that ran along the top of cliff until we finally found a less treacherous route down. It was still pretty nasty. The ground was muddy and slippery and there were patches of icy snow… in retrospect it could have been bad news. We took our time and plotted a safe but slow route down to the falls. It was worth it. The beauty of being at the base of the waterfall is immense.

I took many shots (some good, some bad, some ugly…), I was playing with B.’s Nikon SLR and experimented with a lot of settings to various levels of success. The hike back out of the ‘gorge’ was equally challenging. I couldn’t help but think this was typical ‘boy’ behaviour. -smirk- The caretaker of the property recommended we stop at Rockaway for another large Falls. (link now 404 😕 - Jan/24) He thought there might not be water running over the falls there, was he ever wrong. There was a torrent of water flowing over Rockaway Falls. The mist from the falls froze some vegetation near the base of the falls creating some curious frozen sculptures. There was no clear way to the base of Rockaway Falls and we were too tired to take a more adventurous route so all the photos were taken from the top of the Falls. An impressive falls but due to the limited access the photos weren’t as good. The final stop, and by far what I thought was the most impressive falls was Tiffany Falls (link now 404 😕 - Jan/24) in Hamilton. I had no idea this wonderful Falls was in the Hammer just off the Bruce Trail. I’m definitely going to return to this park for hiking and to see the falls again. You can walk right up under it. Amazing stuff… Overall it was a interesting day. I didn’t soak up as much info as I would have liked but did learn a few new photographic tricks. The guys were all decent and very big camera geeks.

In the evening I chilled out. I was pretty tired. Getting up and down that cliff at Decew was pretty intense. I watched Knocked Up with B. and her mom who is staying with us. The movie was funny and had some funny minor characters and surprisingly Katherine Heigl was better than in Grey’s, if not equally as melodramatic though. ⭐⭐⭐