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get the comfy chair!

get the comfy chair!

Aforementioned Sears Warehouse had a leather chair originally 1800, reduced to 900 and now 50% off (so 450) we were looking at. The store was closing so we passed on it. Regret is a terrible thing. We thought about it and decided it would be perfect for the computer room. So, I stopped in yesterday and Behold! it was still there. I still canโ€™t find anything wrong with it. It isnโ€™t a butt ugly colour either. Score!

Dogs are stupid. Mine came across a skunk last night and decided to *follow* it. By the grace of Gawd the little critter didnโ€™t spray. Sigh. Grid (Sadly flash game no longer available) is all the rage at work today. Can you beat the workplace top score of 2655?