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September 28, 2003 @ 09:09 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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think geek

think geek

Spent the day with B.. We had a quest for a duvet cover. We suspect that B. is allergic to the feather duvet I have so we were hoping to get a cover for itโ€ฆ We looked at many storesโ€ฆ the duvets we found were either poor quality, wrong colour or too expensive. Joy. Did a quick run through the IKEA in Etobicoke as wellโ€ฆ funny how you eventually outgrow IKEA and figure most of their furniture is rather shoddy crap. Some nice accent pieces I suppose. We ended up making yummy cookies and relaxing in bed watching SNL.

Just what is in the air in Mississauga anyways? We ventured down to the end of Southdown Road hoping to walk along the lake (what were we thinking?).. It stunk down there of chemicalsโ€ฆ Not surprising I guess seeing the trails are surrounded by industrial plants. GAH.

think geek!

Ahh yesโ€ฆ with Christmas on its way I was poking around think geek for amusing highly unaffordable gift ideasโ€ฆ and found a few. Pretty cool site for those into computing.

Added an archive section for unsung banners and fixed the old unsung interfaces page as well. Yummy. Removed the home page as it was redundant, all the info can be found on the about page.

Update: banners and graveyard are gone. The graveyard may return one day however. (Dec. 2013) Ha, the thinkgeek giftlist is still there. Out of date however. All dead links removed.

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