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May 14, 2005 @ 08:05 am 🔗 Post Link

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Like pockets jingling...

Like pockets jingling...

Today was payday…my first in a long while… I’m happy. It has been a long wait to feel the satisfaction from earning a day’s work. It was a difficult decision to return to school, upgrade skills and get certification. Regardless what happens with the current position I’m happy to have made these major decisions and that they appear to have worked out well. I’ve thanked B. enough for her support. I’m looking forward to sharing more responsibly and commitment with her and paying back a few lattes.

I think if I can find the comfort zone with the thousand technologies I’m learning, this could be a decent position…. it is a great opportunity to learn. I can already add to my resume, and it has only been two weeks. I just hope the monstrous technologies don’t develop into unrealistic expectations.

The spec for the Xbox2… no wait, let’s call it something gay… how about… Xbox 360… we wouldn’t want to be Xbox2 if Playstation3 is being released… The specs are impressive and of course the system is geared to rope you into their play and pay Xbox Live. (The main reason I won’t be getting Xbox2 but a Playstation instead…gotta love M$) I’m hoping the PS3 specs will be as impressive.

Driving to London tomorrow to see the puppies. Will miss the hockey game *live*…Thank gawd for VCRs allowing me to multitask…Go CANADA!

And coke with lime is yummy. I need to update this site to XHTML.

Update: Specs link is still good. 🙂 (Nov. 2013)

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