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VU still has a great vibe

We had our Office Christmas party last night. It was fun. It was a night at Second City with dinner at Wayne Gretzkyโ€™s. The dinner, Mandarin Orange Chicken, was merely ok. The soup that started (Chicken Curry) was outstanding. I would have preferred another bowl of soup rather than the chicken dinnerโ€ฆ Anyway, I had the chance to sit with guys from the other side of the company that I rarely ever work with. Ha! As soon as I sat down with them I had to chug a pint of beer. Ugh. I like beer, but havenโ€™t chugged beer in years. But remarkably I was the first to finish that round of beers. Gawd I hate chugging beer. Bleck. There are reasons Iโ€™ve primarily changed my drinking to Rum and coke.

Second City was okay. I guess Iโ€™m not that big on comedy. They were clearly very talented actors and had some great skits but I could think of things I would have preferred to do as a night out with my co-workers. *shrug*

Anyway after Second City a few co-workers wanted to hit a club , I donโ€™t get the chance often so I decided to go. First stop was Crocodile Rockโ€ฆ Meh, nothing going on there, we did a shot of Tequila there then left. Next stop was Velvet Underground, a bar Iโ€™m quite familiar with. I was happy to see it hasnโ€™t changed much. Same black clad crowd grooving to industrial music. I loved it. It is where I feel most at home now that Sanctuary is gone. Unfortunately not everyone I was with was loving the gothic-industrial groove fest as I was so we ventured off to Tonic. Tonic was fun in a different way. I loved the full body pat down at the door. The girl doing it was completely humourless. Smile much? Anyway once inside it was a interesting barโ€ฆ they had tons of TVs stuck to the ceiling pointing downwards that flashed various things throughout the night. The music isnโ€™t anything I would normally listen to, but it was danceable and fun. My coworkers were into the music so it was a good time. It was a late night though. Iโ€™m feeling pretty sluggish today. Bah.

And I have no idea why I find this funnyโ€ฆ but I do.