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May 21, 2013 @ 09:05 pm 🔗 Post Link

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New and old Kirk and Spock

New and old Kirk and Spock

Hmm. *That* was a long weekend? It sure seemed to zip by. It’s now a week before Bdot’s surgery to remove her frontal lobe er, gall bladder.

Saturday started early with a badly needed haircut… I don’t mind the Beatles, but I sure don’t care to look like them. After I got home it was a quick turn around to head out for a bunch of stops. The most important stop was for the new chairs for the ‘fireplace’ room. The Elte warehouse was north of Eglinton and Dufferin in a busy area of Toronto I’ve never been in before. We ended up bringing both cars because we figured we would need them. Well, we didn’t. The miraculous Vibe fit both chairs. With that done we moved onto reno research. After looking at a few lighting stores we picked out a foyer light and possibly the dining room light. We are still not in agreement on the ceiling lights. I consider this a pretty big win however as we agreed on no lights before. We booted it home to meet up with my Brother-in-law JP, who came down for the evening since he was bachelor chow for the weekend. I think we beat him there by about 55 seconds. *blink* Anyway… the chairs are unpacked and we think they look great in the space. I wonder if there is a coating on them they makes them invisible to our cats. They haven’t noticed them yet. (Cat owners will know how strange this is) *shrug*

The first order of business once we walked the dogs was food for us humans. We’ve been hyping up Caledon Burger Company to JP for a few days. It has been a few months since we were last there however. We pull into the parking lot… and Caledon Burger Company has been completely rebranded…! The staff is the same but the burgers and menu are not. I mourn the loss of the only good pulled-pork sandwich in the region that I was aware of. We talked with the staff and it seems the beef is still local and of good quality but… there is only beef on the menu. No chicken burger, nothing from the delicious pig. Ho-hum. Also… the burgers are now a long rectangle shape which is served on a round bun… that is a head-scratcher. The burgers are good but when the meal for two people is hitting over $30, for burgers, fries and drinks… I wonder if they’ll survive at that price point. Le sigh.

Now that we were fed we checked the time. We had planned on going to see the late showing of Star Trek: Into Darkness but we had time to make the early show… so we did. I really enjoyed Star Trek: Into Darkness. It was full of action and the new cast (especially Kirk and Spock) had impressive performances. The film was engaging and exciting. It was what I hope to see in an action film. Big effects, quick moving plot and zippy dialogue. I won’t speak specifically about the plot as it is still in theatres. I think it was a solid 4 stars. I often wish I could film the trailers that play before the movie. I remember there were a lot of cool films coming, but I recall none of their titles. Meh.

After we got home we cracked open a bottle of Wee Heavy Bourbon by Microbrasserie Le Castor. Wee? There is nothing wee about this Scotch Ale that hits at a heavy 11%! The Bourbon/Oak flavour pretty overwhelming. It was tasty… but certainly a sipper. It was a long day by this time and as the booze took hold, everyone faded away to Zzzzland. JP was gone before I got up… he was off home to ride 90km with some of his mates. It was a fun visit, we don’t get to see JP enough.

Sunday was more reno shopping. The exciting ‘range hood’ purchase. Found one. Very exciting. We also looked at more lights and went into a bunch of other ‘home furnishing’ stores. We spotted a few interesting things. The most notable was this. It was very tempting to get it. *snort*

The holiday Monday was spent primarily outside doing yardwork. Bdot worked like a madwoman reseeding the front lawn again while I continued wage war against the weeds in the backyard. It was a crazy hot afternoon. I think it felt like close to 30. It seems any temperature over 25 soaks my soul. I could only handle that sun for about an hour at a time before I’d have to cool down in the shade. Ughh…. So if the backyard doesn’t get any reno love, we are hoping it will at least be tolerable. Onward the reno marches.