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November 24, 2003 @ 07:11 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Italian Job

Italian Job

Yes unsung has had a few minor (and seasonal) improvements. Iโ€™ve added a new graphic feature to compliment the existing site header on the top of the page. Also the wallboard now has the option for subject. (The empty default is about my sex change operation, so be sure to enter a subject. ๐Ÿ™‚)

It was another wonderful weekend with bdot. She made a great effort for my birthday and made me feel like a imported designer Italian suit. Thanks hon. Not to mention the thoughtful (but mean) gifts. It is getting brrrrr.


Creepy referer of the day:
Embalming because of the Egyptian LEGO picsโ€ฆ Jez!

mmmm pork

In case you are ever lucky enough, as I was this evening, you must try B.โ€™s Pork Tenderloinโ€ฆ. Mmmmm MMmmmm! Yummers.

We settled in to watch the Italian Job (new version) this eve. It was perfectly mindless entertainment. โญโญโญยฝ Good night!

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