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August 16, 2004 @ 05:08 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link


Star Wars Kid

Star Wars Kid

ahh.. sometimes private moments imagining, dreaming and pretending should stay private. When they donโ€™tโ€ฆ bad things can happen. If you havenโ€™t seen itโ€ฆ Some teenage boy in Quebec, apparently a Star Wars fan was pretending to be playing with a light sabre a la Star Wars and taped himself. Well his friends released the video on the web now the Star War Kid (SWK) videos have been modified and remade nearly a hundred times! The poor kid is having a poor go at it apparently. If you want to see the original clip it is here (close the annoying pop-ups). To see a sampling of what it has become click here. It is amazing how it has explodedโ€ฆ Sheesh.

Update: Wired link still good. ABS link still there. Spindulik is gonzo.

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