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controversial case

controversial case

Wow, does it ever suck to be Schapelle Corby right now. She is the unlucky recipient of a harsh Indonesian sentence for smuggling drugs (20! years NO chance of parole). I certainly donโ€™t know the whole storyโ€ฆ but it seems ridiculous to think anyone would smuggle 9Lbs of marijuana into Bali. The news story seemed to suggest the trial was far from fair with her witnesses discounted before they even testified. It seems extraordinary. It seems there is could be justification for the outrage the family felt. Certainly not making me want to go to Indonesian anytime soon. If she was framedโ€ฆ (and I certainly think she was) hopefully somehow this gets resolved, but I canโ€™t see it happeningโ€ฆ the system there seems highly inflexible.

Update: She is still imprisoned. But the Bali government has reduced her sentence. Corby was released from Kerobokan Prison on 10 February 2014.