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Buffalo Sabres, Home

GAH. Evil karmaโ€ฆ must not use the S wordโ€ฆ

GAH. Evil karmaโ€ฆ must not use the S wordโ€ฆ

I guess this has become a Sabres playoff blog. Heh. Oh well. Another nail biter tonight with the strong OT effort winning game three for Buffalo! Wowโ€ฆ who would have thought the Sabres would be up 3-0 over the Sens? Awesome. What heart this team shows. I apologize to my neighbours for all the yelling during the game. -smirk- Especially the OT goal. Big OT win for Oilers! The Canes are doing wonders for my standing in the hockey pool. Iโ€™m currently in 2nd, trailing 1st by six points.

Lots of idiots on the drive home tonight on the 410. Assholes. When traffic is heavy you donโ€™t get ahead far by running all over three or four lanes of traffic. Unbelievable.

Did some yard work once I got home. Apparently there is a lot of rain expected for the next few days so B. and I got the lawn ready for it. We laid a bunch of new grass seed and cut the lawn. Grow! grow!

Feeling really tired latelyโ€ฆ must be allergies?