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October 9, 2003 @ 08:10 pm 🔗 Post Link

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*business* trip

*business* trip

Those wonderful folks at Red Hat are involved in the Fedora Project… A project interested in developing a fully open source operating system for public use… designed by and for the public (if I’ve read everything correctly...) Anyways…. a fascinating project. Read about it from the link above.

Very Barrie

Phew… back home. I’m not overly exciting about *business* trips away from home. I like the comfort of ending a day at home. But off to Barrie I went for the past two nights collecting data for the research project I’m working on. It was interesting. Interviewed various kids in grades 3,6 and 8… They weren’t as radical or temperamental as I was expecting. The evenings were pretty fun. I enjoyed the company of the two other research assistants that came to Barrie with me. We enjoyed two great dinners. The first at an Outback Steakhouse, the second and more exotic was at Tara, an Indian restaurant. Yummy butter chicken dish, it all smelt amazing. All in all it was a pretty interesting experience.

About Barrie… what the hell… Why are the streets so freaking busy??!?! Bayfield has to be one of the busiest streets in Canada. Where are all those people coming from? Going to? 115 thousand is the marked population for Barrie… No way. It has to be much higher. Barrie was a lot nicer than I was expecting. The downtown seems to have a very diverse selection of restaurants, businesses and shops as well as a nice little harbour front area. Off of Bayfield there were all the standard fast food places and several malls. Pretty coo’. Baby Toronto.

So! youz crazy peoplez in Californya electid me gov’nah! I’m ready to terminate your taxes! I can’t wait to see where this goes…Some interesting laws in California…

Looking forward to spending Turkey weekend with B. and her new cat -yet to be named-.


update: research link is dead


Coat:: leather
Allowance:: money
Mist:: night
Disorder:: chaos
Scheme:: bank
Dick:: wad
Milton:: burle
Shampoo:: eyes

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