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November 30, 2002 @ 10:11 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Soooo, where are they?

Soooo, where are they?

Isn’t steven wright awesome?? More on him here. I’ve added a bunch of his ‘observations’ on the bottom of each page. Randomly. Thanks to Ogre for his many insightful?? comments. You big wanker.

Update: unsung no longer has the quotes. Link is still gone as of… (Dec. 2013)

guest map added

I’ve added a guest map. yes, it is a little cheesy with all the “click here” crap on it… But I really think the map IDEA is cool. so let me know where you’re at g. 🙂

Update: Map is gone. (Dec. 2013)

weapons of mass destruction

I fully expected the U.N. Weapons Inspectors to find something the first day they were allowed into Iraq. I figured it was just a ploy so Georgy Dubya could crack the whip with his mighty army. This however, has not happened. In fact the inspectors have found nothing so far. Surely if they DID find something EVERYONE will know.

What scares me is this…George was going to go over to the middle east with the world’s largest, most technically advanced armies and kill hundreds of people BECAUSE of they SUSPECTED they had ‘weapons of mass destruction..’

The inspections are not over yet, and they could find something… but if they don’t… and Georgy HAD bombed Iraq… egads. The sad thing is that in all these conflicts “overseas” it seems that the number of civilians killed outweighs the number of army/combat troops killed? The whole thing bothers me. The Americans over-zealous war monger attitude and the Middle East bombings, terrorism and acts in the name of Allah. Frankly I think Allah disowned the Middle East a long time ago.

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