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The Invention of Lying

I thought Canada was suppose to have snow? Sure it is cold, but where is the snow? B. and I were hoping to go skiing (or at least snowshoeing) this afternoon. Wellโ€ฆ we drove north for an hour and still nothing but yellow and brown ground. We ended up near Alliston and took a quick walk through a local Nature park. It was flat and pretty boring. We decided to stop and do a loop through Palgrave forest. It was a good walk. Iโ€™m pretty zonked now. The eveningโ€™s entertainment was a very light comedy called The Invention of Lying. It was okay. Iโ€™m not really a big Jennifer Garner fan soโ€ฆ ho-hum. โญโญโญ

And a big fsck you to the coders that made Scandiskโ€ฆ would it have killed you to add a FIX ALL option? Idiots.