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What is normal?

November 15, 2004 @ 09:11 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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What is normal?

What is normal?

Normally on a Monday I would school from home, but there are so many distractions* here that Iโ€™m going to Oakville. I was lucky to qualify for a decent bursary from Sheridan. So I finally (near the end of term) have ordered a bunch of school manuals. Thanks to my sister who got me Halo2 for my birthday. Hopefully I can find some time to give it a good play through.

Was good to see my family last night. Moved even more of my crap here (thanks for all your help JP). Anyway. I should get moving. So much to do. And Iโ€™m going to try to get Drive Cleaned today as well. Silly government. It is a good program but cโ€™mon, you just looked at my car. ๐Ÿ˜›

Thanks B. for being a bitchy grouchy stubborn PITA like me and being able to recognize it. Danger averted.

Unconscious Mutterings ~ week 93!

Childhood:: memories
Melissa:: Ethridge
Trust me:: Iโ€™m a doctor?
Report:: card
Give up:: the fight
Nightgown:: see through. (yum)
Smokes:: smoke hole
Cookies & cream:: super yum
Gameshow:: host

* Cats, Halo2, Cats, Halo2, Fable, Cats, Laundry, Chess, Basement etc.

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