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The Little Ninja

December 24, 2002 @ 10:12 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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The Little Ninja

The Little Ninja

In case you have never seen this awesome animated flash seriesโ€ฆ Check out the little ninja here. Video on Youtube for it.
Update: Site was down for maintenance when I checked the link. Might still be good. (Dec. 2013) sadly seems to be broken (2024)

Stressed out

It was a very long night. (and longer morningโ€ฆ) The gf has been having some problems at work and stress from numerous issues in her life. They climaxed this morning.

So I called her mother, who came over and was able to calm her down. Sigh.


I finally was able to attend a live Sabres game! My Dad won some tickets and wasnโ€™t able to go. So off the HSBC with the gf I went! It was the Friday 20th game vs. Florida. The seats were great, the Sabres were not.

It seems that things, once again things are going poorly financially with the team and the arena. There is talk again of the team leaving from Buffalo. So, I may have seen my last live Sabresโ€™ game. Which is a shameโ€ฆEspecially when you are a big fan.

What a sad note to go out on.

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