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December 5, 2008 @ 09:12 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

Christmas, PC gaming, work

One of my co-worker did this of me. *smirk*

One of my co-worker did this of me. *smirk*

It has been a long work week with ups and downs and uncertainty and a little relief. Things at work appear to be stable but we are still in desperate need of signing a contract or two. However, is anything really going to be signed during December? Things are better but the dire situation seems far from done. It seems the waiting game is still around but to a lesser extent.

Iโ€™ve ragged on NWN2 and Obsidian Studios a fair bit. I bought the game years ago and stopped playing it because I thought it was unplayable. Wellโ€ฆ I picked it up again to give it another shot. After a battle with D2D to get my activation code working I was playing. Obsidian must have listened to the community because the HORRIBLE camera is better. It isnโ€™t perfect but it is playable now; and it is far better than it was originally. It is actually an enjoyable game now. Seeing there arenโ€™t any other good PC RPGs available (Witcher was OK at bestโ€ฆ) Iโ€™ll likely see NWN2 to the end now.

Should be a bit of a Christmas weekend. We are seeing BNL perform Christmas songs on Saturday and I think we may do some shopping. I feel tired and annoyed. Hopefully this weekend can pick my spirits up.

And wowโ€ฆ are the Sabres ever sucking. Sigh.

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