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I will crush you

The Toronto Area had another dramatic lightning storm last… some areas even had *gasp* tornado warnings! Rain and lightning, ok I get that, but lightning! *cringe* I didn’t hear of any major damage done. Work has been pretty stressful the past few days. I’ve felt a lot of scrutiny on my work and what I do. My role is still so undefined I often wonder what I should be doing and to what extent I responsible. My boss does provide a fair bit of feedback, but even still… it isn’t like I’m coding or creating art which is pretty black and white.

I stayed after work tonight to try out Warhammer 40,000 with some co-worker. (Other co-workers mockingly refer to it as Nerdhammer… Pshaw!) It is a tactical board game with miniatures vaguely like Dungeons & Dragons but not really role play, more like a war board game. It was pretty fun. If it be nerdy then nerd away.

I went to pay for my dinner tonight with my debit card and it was declined. Debt card declined? WTF! I know there is money in the account! So I called the bank as soon as I got home tonight… well apparently my account was compromised! Somehow, somewhere some douche bag added my card number to a list that was going to be fraudulently. Fortunately the card was frozen and nothing was missing. Creepy. Apparently pay-at-the-pump is a risky endeavor for debit, so be careful!

Hilarious Sure it is somewhat sensationalist… but there is more about the points stated here… and frankly whatever it takes to keep the Republican out for the next four years I’m willing to deal with. The world (and most importantly the U.S.) needs change not more Republican warmongering.