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Getting all Nekkid!

December 6, 2008 @ 09:12 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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The house all Merry Christmased. Yes, I know I need to burnt out ones.:P

The house all Merry Christmased. Yes, I know I need to burnt out ones.:P

It snowed off and on today setting the tone for what developed into a Christmasy day. Along with many of the typical weekend chores, we also dragged bins of Christmas decorations out from the crawlspace. After a few hours the house started looking fairly festive. I even got out my old ceramic light-up Christmas tree. It has seen better days, but I still like it.

In the evening we ventured downtown to see the Bare Naked Ladies. Admittedly my music snobbery made me question if Iโ€™d enjoy the show. I soon found BNL to be in fine form and full of life and energy. Surprisingly I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ve seen a concert at Massey Hall. It is a pretty cool venue, really high roof, feels much more like an old theatre than a place to see music. Anyway, the first think we noted was how thin Steven Page looked. This was accentuated by the snappy black with hot pink trimmed suit he was wearing. *smirk* I was surprised at how many guitar changes there were between songs. It seemed the sound crew was running all over the stage after each song. Kinda odd? I thought the show was going to be primarily Christmas songs, fortunately it was a combination of both Christmas and standard BNL material. The band seemed quite relaxed during the show often improvising a little song or chatting with the crowd. Ed remarked how he survived a plane crash and it was barely mentioned in the news but Steven gets caught with some drugs and it is news evvverywhereโ€ฆ I guess some people knock BNL because they seem like a comedy act or some such thing. They do interject a lot of humour into their material but I think their musicianship is pretty solid. Sure they donโ€™t play overly complicated material but dismissing them as a novelty act hardly does them justice. I enjoyed the show, it was fun and very entertaining. The lighting was surprising good and the sound was crisp, their vocal harmonizing is pretty impressive to hear live. It was a nice night out in downtown T.O..

A big double โ€˜quotationโ€™ to the stupid kids behind us that talked and were goofing off during the show. Class = zero.

Wow. Sabres won a gameโ€ฆ


Sunday was a long day. We helped B.โ€™s sister move. They bought a big house up in Aurora. Iโ€™ve never been to Aurora. It seemed surprisingly rustic considering it is just North of Toronto. It was a long drive from Brampton to the new Aurora house. Hopefully their move will be smooth. The โ€˜moversโ€™ are coming today to take the majority of the household. The house was quite tastefully decorated. The colours were nice light browns, black and darker browns throughout the house โ€“ mostly comfortable relaxing earth tones. Bill (B.โ€™s Brother In Law) had the house wired with CAT5. There are new connectors what make the โ€˜crimpingโ€™ tool unnecessary and rather easy. Just match the wire colours and force the wire into the slotโ€ฆ We spent most of the day with the move. I was pretty tired when I got home. We didnโ€™t physically move a lot, but the drive and such was somewhat aggravating. In the evening just flacked out and gamed/laundry/ watched a little of the Bills lose in Toronto. Ho-hum. Iโ€™d preferred to have had a full day at home.