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February 15, 2003 @ 11:02 pm 🔗 Post Link

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mmm cookies

mmm cookies

Valentine’s was pretty nice this year. I found it funny to be in a popular flower store today to see all the men scurrying around picking out flowers, most utterly confused. Where are you guys the rest of the year? Of course I wanted a ‘particular’ rose (not a pre-made bundle) so I waited and waited… Finally I got my roses… massively over priced as they were.

Ages ago the gf and I had dinner at a restaurant with some friends in another local city. We couldn’t remember the name of it OR where it was… but we wanted to find it tonight. (after being told the wait at our first choice restaurant would be close to 2 hours) After a few misses we DID find it and enjoyed a nice (not very romantic but yummy) dinner together.

To top it off we rented Woody Allen’s Annie Hall which I really enjoyed. Nice to laugh at well written comedy. Loved to see all the small parts by future BIG actors. Especially Christopher Walken… He is dandy. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⅓

friday five blogs

1. Explain why you started to journal/blog.
Just an outlet for some thoughts… I used to write poetry to expunge emotion. Once thoughts are blogged they have the same feel.

2. Do people you interact with day to day or family members know about your journal/blog? Why or why not?
Some friends do, some don’t. Many aren’t connected to the ‘net.

3. Do you have a theme for your journal/blog?
Theme? No… Re-occurring bitch topics perhaps… like the awful play of the Sabres, job woes and day to day strife.

4. What direction would you like to have your journal/blog go in over the next year?
No intentional direction. I just hope the tone of the content improves…ergo my life is a little happier.

5. Pimp five of your favorite journals/blogs.
Pimp ’em out huh. ight. In no order.
Dreaming in Denmark Update: last active 2008
Diva Maggie Update: not sure what this site is anymore. o__O
Update: Both sites 404 and removed. (2024)

I don’t really read that many daily… when I have 3 more – i’ll add them.

umma gumma

Where have I been? Well… Having some relationship issues… Hopefully they can be worked out. Spending a lot of time on the couch talking…

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