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February 22, 2007 @ 11:02 pm ๐Ÿ”— Post Link

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Go Sabres! ArOOOooOOoo!

Go Sabres! ArOOOooOOoo!

I decided to bring the search option back to my blog. I miss the feature so I figured you might too. Enjoy.

Huh. Iโ€™m finally listening to the *new* Skinny Puppy โ€“ Mythmaker. Very interesting stuff. Is that piano?! Jesus wants to be ugli? These guys never disappoint to challenge and push my musical borders. It is great to hear them melodic, angry, sampling, dark and full of passion. โญโญโญโญ Most of the web reviews Iโ€™ve read are equally impressed by Mythmaker.

Busy week at work. A year ago we were begging clients for work. Now we are inundated with calls for work and might actually have to turn a few projects away. Crazy. Hopefully this is a permanent upswing and not a temporary one.

Weโ€™ve had double dog duty all week. Cairo (Tangaโ€™s brother) was with us all week, as his owners had a funeral to attend out of province. Iโ€™m surprised at how little extra work another dog is. Granted Cairo is well trained and a rather soft boy. It is curious to see them compete for attention at time. B. wants another dog. Perhaps, Iโ€™m not completely decided yet. At least with two they can entertain each other and there would be a dog for each couch in the living roomโ€ฆ