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Mutterings ~ Week 67

May 16, 2004 @ 09:05 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Bacon and Eggs

Bacon and Eggs

Playoffs:: LET’S GO! BUFF! A! LO!
Morris:: Inspector
Break up:: Fight
Eggs:: Bacon
Parker:: Posey
Hardy Boys:: Blue hard covered books
Deluxe:: Record
Protection:: money
Girl Scout:: cookies
Salsa:: everybody

Look the brittany is doing the meringue

A busy day indeed… B. and I started it off by meeting a brittany spaniel breeder in Grand Valley, near Orangeville. The breeder was really nice and the dogs were pretty amazing… which has unfortunately made choosing a dog breed much harder. In the running is of course the Brittany,Nova Scotia Duck Tollers and Vizslas. Mother of gawd was it cold today. I was horribly under dressed for meeting the breeder… and *of course* the dogs were outside… so I froze my boys off for, what seemed like an eternity, and to some extent dampened my enjoyment of meeting the Brits. They were impressive though… full of energy, affectionate and very active.

The evening we spent at nIVEK’s bride-to-be’s place meeting the other members of his wedding party (which I’m part of)… Seems like a good bunch. His bride is Spanish so they feel it would be good to try to teach us some Spanish dance moves. Great in theory, poor in practice. On the *best of days* I’d likely need an hour to pick up one dance move…so when 3 dances were shown in half an hour… it became a little overwhelming… Regardless… I expect it will be a lot fun doing it wrong. 🙂 Might be off to Peterborough tomorrow aft. Depending on the weather…

Update: Brittany page (etc.) still there.

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