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Monsterous vacation

August 15, 2007 @ 09:08 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Fishing, chilling…

Fishing, chilling…

Gawd. I’m pretty tired as I write this… I was suppose to have had Monday off but being the stupid responsible employee I’m I called in to check the status of our game build. Well… I ended up getting called in and being there until 6AM this morning. Yes… another killer all nighter. We did have some yummy Thai and at around 2 we knocked back an energy drink. I’ve never had a Monster Energy ⚠️ (link now 404 😕 - Jan/24) drink before and reading the ingredients is confusing (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride? Mmm?) but it wasn’t so bad and kept me going the rest of the night. I usually can’t say much about the games we are working on until they are released, but since this is a DS and PSP release the game is actually getting some pre-release press. We are working on a port of metanet’s popular flash game N. 1UP has already given the game an overview. ⚠️ (link content now changed 😕 - Jan/24) The game is certainly coming along. I’ve seen great improvements over the past two weeks. I’m quite excited about our first handheld ‘in-stores’ release and I hope it ends up being worth all the time we are all putting into it.

The weekend was great! The annual boyZ weekend was attended by MikeMike, Nivek, Joeyjoe, Captain and Daisy the dog. We invited a few others but for various reasons they couldn’t attend, their loss. This year we ventured to Joe’s cottage which he purchased within the last year. It is located about 10 minutes east of Campbellford, Ontario. Where? Here. ⚠️ (link now 404 😕 - Jan/24) (a short boat ride from the Percy Reach lock, Lock 8) Joe scored a sweet property, the lot is huge. The cottage has 3 bedrooms, hydro, septic, two decks and runs along a waterfront. Admittedly the water is rather weedy and skanky but Joe has access to the Trent waterway system so it’s a fisherman’s dream location. The weather was warm if not hot and humid for the majority of the weekend, so we spend nearly all the time there outside. We ate well, drank a ton and did some boating, burning and some yardwork around the property. We ran into various wildlife including a pair of mating snapping turtles, snakes and a pair of various curious foxes. I’ve never met foxes before. They were quite interesting…and were very brazen. They would come right up onto the deck and showed little fear of humans unless directly challenged. Hmm. We ventured into Trenton one night. The Canadian Forces base there is huge… the city was pretty dead. We passed three bars all of which were practically empty. Bah. It was a fun weekend, thanks to all that attended.

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