Mondays suckFebruary 7, 2011 @ 11:02 pm 🔗 Post Linkbdot, Buffalo Sabres, Le Scandinave, The King’s Speech Seems very Canadian to me.

Seems very Canadian to me.

Gah. I’m in a dreadful mood this morning. …And this is my second time with this blog entry as the first was lost when Total Edit crashed. It has been uninstalled. Shame I liked how it functioned, but it crashes far too often and for no apparent reason. Goodbye failware. It is mind boggling how many text editors I’ve gone through and I still can’t find one I like. Re-entering a blog entry sucks. I’m tempted to not bother. Sigh. Re-entering thoughts loses all the spontaneity and reflection I enjoy by blogging in the first place. Now it just seem like tedium. I’m amused that the word of the day is dyspeptic. The timing is delicious. Why? I don’t know. I feel run down, tired, it is Monday. Shit drive in and my coffee caffeine has barely kicked in. Wow. Today I hate everyone. Hopefully this Christmas Rice Crispy square will help. I’m now saving this periodically to minimize data loss. I should know better of course…

It was a busy weekend, I don’t feel like I relaxed at all. We had the Mac family coming over Saturday afternoon to stay the night. So, Saturday morning was a blitzkrieg cleaning morning. I appreciate that they were late. I think the house was in a reasonable state when they arrived. The quiet of the house was replaced by the constant energy of three kids, four adults and two dogs. (Our cats were locked away downstairs to avoid any problems with their dog) After dumping several loads of gear we decided to take everyone to Palgrave to go skating. I enjoyed skating this time. The skates moved from ‘excruciatingly painful’ to ‘typically and tolerably’ painful… so I was able to skate much longer. Well, what I call skating. It is more of some strange hybrid rollerblade shuffle. The kids seemed to enjoy skating. It was an awesome Canadian scene as it began to snow – hard – just before we left the pond. We drove just down the road to take the dogs for a short run. Unfortunately, the kids weren’t up for the winter wonderland walk, so it was only 15-20m. Palgrave forest looked impressive with the snowfalling. I think I could have walked there much longer. At least until the coyotes began to gather.

The snow had accumulated by the time we left the Forest and the drive home was ugly. The highway wasn’t plowed and finding the edge of the road was nearly impossible. At one point we rumbled along on the shoulder… fortunately B. didn’t break or I might not be writing this entry right now. The Subaru does handle really well in the snow, but it currently just has all-season tires… and the fresh slick surface felt really treacherous. We all made it home safely and the first order of business was food. We had agreed on Thai, especially after being denied last weekend. Yum. There were plenty of desserts and snacks which were enjoyed throughout the night. I especially enjoyed the lemon crack cake. After eating the Men sat down to watch hockey. Since canceling Centre Ice I rarely get to see a broadcast Sabres’ game. It was delightful to see the Sabres lay a smack down on the Leafs. Hopefully the Sabres can keep winning. They need to to climb back into the playoff race… I’m curious to see if Pegula will do anything when he assumes control on the 22nd. He claims he wants to bring ‘Cups’ to Buffalo. Good luck Mr.Billionaire! The night was relatively quiet. Everyone seemed content to grab their geeky device and flake out on a couch. It was a nice visit from the Mac family.

Superbowl sunday. I think getting the ‘Canadian’ Superbowl feed you lose some of the fanfare of the Superbowl. We drove up to my sister’s to watch the game. It was nice to not be greeted with the Twilight zone blizzard apocalypse when we took the Horseshoe exit. *blink* The football game was good, sometimes it is lopsided… It could have went either way down to the last minute and I’m happy the Packers won. I was pretty busy at my sisters. When the family gathers I get inundated with ‘fix my computer requests’. I don’t mind but sometimes they can drag on for an hour or longer which is not fun. The W7 install DVD I had was coping attitude and giving me no end of grief. Sigh. I couldn’t help but think of this T-shirt.

Dinner was pizza and wings from Mr.B’s that my parents brought from the night before. The pizza is always good, the wings however, didn’t seem to sit well with everyone. B., birthday boy JP and my mother went snowshoeing while I tended to the IT helpdesk requests. It was a fun evening. My sister was sprawled out on the her new couch all night and was waited on all night like a princess. It was also JP’s birthday so we enjoyed a Skor cake my mom made and he opened a few presents. We forgot to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ and make him blow out a candle. I guess we are going to Birthday hell. *shrug* The Superbowl ‘event’ itself was pretty disappointing. To kick it off a chubby looking Aguilera did an axe job on the American national anthem. Christina, if people wanted to hear your vocal masturbation they’d pay for a ticket to see you in concert. IMHO a national anthem should be sung simply, clean and with understated passion. Oh and she got the words wrong too. *eyeroll* Surely an artist of her caliber has sung the anthem hundreds of times? At least she could see… the half time ‘performance’ with the Peas. *headslap* Wow. Awful. Awful. Awful. They make me worry about the music industry… if that is ‘popular’ music, no wonder I listen to the esoteric genres that I do. The LED lights on the dancers in the crowd and the dance choreography with them, however, was very cool. I’ would have preferred a DJ with just the dancers. Do we really need to see Fergie wax her caterwaul on stage with Slash? Vomitville.

It isn’t even Monday afternoon and I’m already wishing it was Friday. Gah.