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Got Bike?

Got Bike?

Friday night we had two Vizslas delivered to us for babysitting. So once again Hotel Allaen is full of dogs. This time we are watching Indy and Ellie, Marnie and Brianโ€™s dogs. Indy is no problem, but Ellie, the younger dog, has quite a voice at all hours of the day. *Grr* My sister and Brother-In-Law also dropped in with two dogsโ€ฆ so there were five roaming around our little place raising Cain.

Saturday woke up a little late then we were out shopping most of the day. We were going to drive down to Niagara for a House Warming at Captains, but by the time we were ready to go, it was late and we were out of steam. Iโ€™m hoping to connect with my buddies shortly for a game night.

Sunday morning we drove up to Albion Hills to watch my sister compete in a mountain bike race. Regrettably she has โ€˜mechanicalโ€™ problems and Did Not Finish. Her chain got stuck a bunch of times and putting it back on made it worse. Hopefully she will fare better in Niagara next weekend. In the evening we had my parents and my sister over for motherโ€™s day and my sisterโ€™s birthday. We ordered Thai from a small local restaurant. Gawd, they were swamped. Three people CAN NOT run a busy restaurant. I think I waited 40 minutes for the food to be ready after arriving late to pick it up. The wait was, however, worth it. The food was great and it all disappeared. My mother made her standard Skor cake (mmmmm) and there were also berries on angel food cake. So everyone went home full.

After finally sitting down around 11:30 I watched Episode 6 of season 4 of Battlestarโ€ฆ and the ho-hum continues. I guess they are building to next episodes climax butโ€ฆ still, Iโ€™m finding the episodes a little slow and lackluster with waaay too much talking and not enough exploding cylons. Ho-hum.

We didnโ€™t look at any houses this weekend as our Agent was away and nothing interesting came up anyway. So we are still looking.