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October 18, 2010 @ 08:10 pm 🔗 Post Link

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HTC Desire

HTC Desire

It was a weekend of work and play. The work was the continuing project from Hell. Thanks to B. for chipping in where she can and help get this project to the finishing line. Sorry to KK who I keep canceling on because of it. I pray to gawd it goes live this week. It should. Finally. We also did some yard work. We temporarily cleared the leaves off the the front lawn and I removed one of two stumps in the ‘front garden’. We also got in a grocery shop and a short hike.

The play was Saturday afternoon. It was my long time friend JJ’s 40th birthday, so we drove to Cambridge to celebrate with mock him. I guess my turn isn’t too far off, aging sucks. It was fun to see him as always, additionally Captain eventually made it up. I don’t see these guys as often as I’d like. The food was amazing, mostly prepared by JJ’s mom. A Polish feast of cabbage rolls and perogies, the lasagna and Hungarian stewed beef was also very good. I had to waddle from the dinner table. Dessert was also very good, Snickers cake? Hello.

The ordeal, so far, of getting my new phone:
First off… I own an old Nokia 6265i, which has been an exceptional phone. Technology however is a moving target and I’m an information geek so I want a Smartphone with a data plan. I researched phones for weeks comparing, reading reviews, specs etc. and ultimately decided on the HTC Desire, an Android phone. Even better, my current gouge you Telco, Telus, actually carries the phone. So, I go to their website… the phone is out of stock, and there is no date as to when it is in-stock. Weeks and weeks go by… finally the phone is available. Yaye! I order it and wait for it to arrive 3-5 business day. 6 business days pass. I ask Telus WTF, where is my phone? Well… they are having issues meeting the demand and there may be an additional 5-10 business day delay. I finally determine this after 3 calls and being passed around from department to department with no on able to help me. Joy. Wait some more. Finally I get a delivery tracking number. They deliver to the house and I’m not there. (Ironically B. worked from home the day before) The phone is taken to a local business for holding. Purolator leaves a ‘sorry we missed you’ tag on my door outlining how and when I can get my phone. It said they are there Saturday 10-1 cool, coz I can’t make it there during business hours. I tell Purolator NOT to bring the phone to my office coz I can just get it on Saturday. Hooray! Saturday morning, drive to store. STORE IS CLOSED. ANGRY!! I send Purolator an angry message about the inaccuracy of their notice. So, now I *have* to go during business hours coz after 5 business days Purolator will send the package back to Telus! So I have cut my lunch short today to leave early, just to get the damn phone. Shit better work out today or there will be causalities. Gawd. That feels better.


Do you see happy joy in the twitter feed? No. Why? THE PHONE WASN’T THERE. Yes, the saga continues. Apparently they *picked it up* because after the first deliver to the house I told them to bring the phone to my work, what seems like a WEEK ago. I told them to LEAVE the phone in Bolton since I could have (according to their tag) picked it up Saturday. Ha. Lucky the store was closed, the phone wouldn’t have been there anyway. So now the phone is sitting even farther away… OMG. Hopefully today they actually do deliver it or B. will pick it up since it is near her office… but I’m sure those clowns will find another way to ensure I don’t get the package for a few more days. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...