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August 2, 2003 @ 05:08 pm 🔗 Post Link

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Dragonfly Arts

Dragonfly Arts

Yesterday I spent another wonderful day with bdot. We did a little running around at Square One in Mississauga. Nice layout…it would be nice if stores on the maps were remotely close to the ones in the mall! 😛 I picked up a headset to allow me to chat handsfree during gaming! Wheee. Had a yummy BBQ Chicken Salad dinner, played some Ghost Recon and snuggled with b. watching CSI. Nice. Then we uh… when to bed. Wink wink. The rest is blissfully private.

It was my first time multiplaying GR. It was a lot of fun. We had Game Voice Share setup so we could talk to each other… I was surprised at how clear it was… very easy to setup as well… I’ll certainly be using GVS for other games and purposes…

Update: the link is dead. 404. blah.

raining on Erin’s neck

Started the day off right. WWNNSNM! After a yummy breakfast at flips, B. and I ventured to Erin for some shopping. There were a few nice little shops but generally disappointing. We also stopped in Orangeville. We found a wicked little art gallery ‘Dragonfly’ which is hosting the art of Lucille Weber. I really liked her stuff… bold strong abstract art… I win a lottery I’ll be back. Odd experience at a stained glass store just down the street from the studio…the owner insisted on showing us the entire store, including the dark, dusty, dank basement… It was kinda creepy.

The shopping was followed by some serious eating. We had Meat-Feast II at her sisters. B.’s brother-in-law BBQ’d up a storm of tasty ribs and chicken wings… Uuuuuuuhhhh… delicious. While there some wanker Brampton By-law enforcer ticketed us for blocking a sidewalk. Jesus. Piss-off.

Anyways.. my neck is really stiff so I’m done typing ‘fer now.

Was a link to Lucille Weber but now 403 so removed. (June 2024)

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